№7-8 / 2018

Activities of RNMOT
XIII National congress of therapists: «The partnership between a doctor and a patient is the basis for successful treatment»
Treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract diseases: the problem of resistance and new approaches to asthma and COPD management (according to materials from the symposium of the XIII National Congress of physicians)
E.Yu. Ponomareva, K.D. Dorogoykina, K.N. Safarova, A.P. Rebrov
Therapy olympiad as an educational technology and element of the educational process in medical university
Original articles
G.G. Bagirova, E.V. Lygina, S.S. Yakushin, M.I. Kozminskaya
Use of innovation technology in rheumatoid arthritis patients curation
N.N. Shindryaeva, E.N. Dmitrievich, A.A. Tyazhelnikov, E.V. Sorokin
Vascular parkinsonism in outpatient practice
E.S. Filatov, Sh.F. Erdes
Peculiarities of chronic pain syndrome in patients with ankylosing spondylitis
M.I. Udovika
Comparative efficiency of intrasynovial injections of sodium hyaluronate in combination with chondroitin sulfate and oral symptomatic slow-acting medicaments in patients with primary and post-traumatic knee osteoarthritis
V.V. Evdokimov, E.V. Kovalenko, A.G. Evdokimov, N.Yu. Klevtsova, E.Yu. Yushchuk, K.I. Tebloev
Functional condition of platelets and blood rheology in patients with chronic heart failure with cardiopulmonary pathology
D.F. Khusainova, I.V. Kholkin, L.A. Sokolova
Monitoring of the quality of thrombolytic therapy in case of acute coronary syndrome at pre-hospital stage
M.S. Petrova, M.M. Musiichuk, O.V.Inamova, V.I. Mazurov
New possibilities of uratedecreasing therapy in patients with arthrolithiasis
E.A. Latysheva
Primary immune deficiency disease in adults. Preferential disturbance of antibody synthesis
B.M. Blokhin, A.D. Prokhorova, A.S. Suyundukova
Actual issues of interferonotherapy
Andrey Ivanovich Vorobyov is 90!
A.A. Pilipovich, Al.B. Danilov
Personalized preventive medicine and neurology
V.B. Korzhavina
Basis of propaedeutics of nervous diseases
O.V. Vorobyova
Management of a patient with back pain in general medical practice
An.B. Danilov
Fibromyalgia: principles of diagnostics and complex therapy
A.A. Pilipovich
Pain syndrome in case of Parkinson’s disease
О.Р. Orlova, A.Yu. Alekseeva, Z.N. Konovalova, E.V. Kostenko, D.A. Krasavina, L.R. Mingazova, M.I. Soykher
Possibilities of the analgesic action of botulinum therapy in clinical practice
G.M. Dyukova
Contemporary viewpoint at vegetative dystonia syndrome
E.A. Korabelnikova
Modern approach to the diagnosis and treatment of anxiety disorders
Vardanyan A.G., Gordeev I.G., Soboleva V.N., Volov N.A., Mashukova Y.M., Bezdolnova E.O, Rymberg V.P, Ramazanova E.S, Nazaryan A.H
Sharpe’s syndrome. Difficulties in diagnosis

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