№6 / 2019

Activities of RNMOT
III Congress of therapists of Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
58th Interregional RSMSIM scientifically-practical Conference
Ametov A.S., Rubtsov Yu.E., Saluhov V.V., Khalimov Yu.Sh., Agafonov P.V.
Elimination of adipose tissue dysfunction as a major factor in reducing cardiometabolic risks in obesity
Bakulin I.G., Abatsieva M. P., Skalinskaya M.I., Zhuravleva M.S.
Clinical and medico-social significance of NAFLD through the prism of comorbidity
Bobkova I.N., Gussaova S.S., Stavrovskaya E.V.
Kidney damage in case of obesity: variants of clinical course, mechanisms of development
Danilov A.I., Abramenkova N.Yu., Osipenkova Т.А.
Echocardiography importance in diagnosis of infective endocarditis
Berns S.A., Pasechnik I.N., Golikova A.A., Talyzin P.A., Putilina M.V., Volkov A.K., Zverev K.V.
Oral direct anticoagulants: what to do with hemorrhagic complications?
Malimon V.V., Kokorin V.A., Gordeev I.G.
Treatment and diagnostical approaches to curation of patients with acute arterial blood pressure elevation
Halimov Yu.Sh., Sergienko I.V., Kuzmich V.G.
Cardiovascular comorbidity in type 2 diabetes mellitus: potential of use of glucagon-like peptide type 1 receptor agonists
Avdeev S.N.
Modern approaches to acute exacerbation of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Emelyanov А.V., Leshankova E.V., Sergeeva G.R., Partavi M.S.
Modern treatment of mild asthma
Varvarina G.N., Makarova E.V., Plastinina S.S., Milyutina M.Y., Menkov N.V., Saltsev S.G.
Obstructive pulmonary diseases and disorders of carbohydrate metabolism: hospital patients hypoglycemia is focused on
Nasonov E.L.
Pharmacotherapy of immuno-inflammatory rheumatic diseases: new opportunities
Trophymov V.I.
Modern aspects of bronchial asthma pathogenesis and treatment
Lazebnik L.B., Belova G.V.
Practical application of «Systematizing classification of the mucous digestive tract membrane multifocal damages by NSAIDs and antithrombotic medicines» together with the other RSMSIM clinical guidelines for optimization of decision-making in complex clinical situations
To the memory of Anatoly Alexandrovich Krylov
Grigorieva E.V., Vorobyova O.A., Zyryanova A.S.
The clinical observation of patients with family steroid-resistant nephrotic syndrome (NPHS2 mutation): the features of the course and therapy of the disease are described
Koltsov A.V., Kalimulin O.A., Tyrenko V.V., Gretskaya E.V., Bologov S.G., Sinopalnikov D.O.
A modern approach to the treatment of heart failure in a patient with heart amyloidosis by valsartan/sakubitril combination
Sayfutdinov R.G., Pak E.V., Sayfutdinov R.R., Rubanova E.F., Garin A.A., Suslov D.A., Iskhakov T.D., Abdrashitov K.M., Kurshakov A.A., Makarimova K.Sh.
Female patient with non-compact myocardium
Belyaeva I.B., Mazurov V.I., Belolipetskaya E.A., Lapin S.V., Tkachenko O.Yu., Guseva V.I., Inamova O.V.
Influence of various immunosupressive therapy schemes on the dynamics of clinical and immunological activity indexes in patients with system red lupus with antiphospholipid syndrome
Mazurov V.I., Petrova M.S., Gaydukova I.Z., Inamova O.V., Fonturenko A.Yu., Gaydukova E.K., Shapovalov A.A., Nagirnyak I.M.
Features of gouty arthritis according to the St. Petersburg City register of gout (2016–2018 years)
Nesterovich I.I., Nochevnaya K.V., Rabik Y.D., Vasina L.V., Speranskaya A.A., Zolotnitskaya V.P., Amosov V.I., Trofimov V.I., Vlasov T.D.
Signs of pulmonary damage according to X-ray examinations data in rheumatic arthritis patients with different serological profile
Trofimov E.A., Mazurov V.I., Melnikov E.S.
Combined drug therapy of post-traumatic osteoarthritis
Gomonova V.V., Sayganov S.A., Gumerova V.E.
Parameters of arterial stiffness in the stratification of the risk of cardiovascular diseases
Khrabrova M.S., Smirnov A.V., Dobronravov V.A.
New nosology in nephrology: monoclonal gammopathy of renal significance
Rosatkevich A.G., Pavlycheva D.K., Denisyuk D.A., Antipyat N.A., Smetanina S.V., Lazareva N.B., Payganova N.E.
Use of topical antiseptics in case of acute tonsillopharyngitis: estimation of current treatment tendencies and prevention of complications of the disease
Dydykina I.S., Nurbaeva K.S., Kovalenko P.S., Zotkin E.G.
Musculoskeletal system pathology: substantiation of the possibility of undenaturated collagen type ii including in complex treatment of knee joints osteoarthritis

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