№6 / 2018

Activities of RNMOT
XXXIV World Congress of Internal Medicine
Results of the All-Russian scientific-practical conference Botkin readings
Original articles
S.S. Bondar, O.V. Guk, I.V. Terekhov, V.S. Nikiforov
Correlation between the contents of proliferation and apoptosis regulators with the activity of p38 protein kinase in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in community-acquired pneumonia reconvalescents
O.A. Kislyak, T.B. Kasatova, S.L. Postnikov
Correction of symptoms of meteosensitivity in arterial hypertension patients
Guideline for practitioners
N.I. Stuklov, A.A. Mitchenkov
Anemia and iron deficiency. Global problems and algorithms of solutions
A.A. Spasskii
Use of Ergoferon for ARVI and influenza treatment in adult patients having different concomitant conditions
E.L. Trisvetova
Clinical diagnosis of Ehlers – Danlos syndromes: new classification criteria for 2017
D.A. Atyakshin, I.B. Bukhvalov, M. Timann
Mast cell proteases in specific tissular microenvironment formation: pathogenetic and diagnostical aspects
Yuri Petrovich Nikitin (to his 90th anniversary)
Conjunctive tissue dysplasia [Clinical recommendations of the Russian scientific medical society of physicians]
«A glass wall between doctors and patients in Russia» (interview with O. I. Boeva)
I.A. Viktorova, D.S. Ivanova, N.V. Konshu, M.V. Rozhina
Role of joints hypermobility in diagnostics of syndromic forms of conjunctive tissue dysplasia and rheumatic disorders
S.V. Reeva, E.V. Timofeev, E.V. Zemtsovsky
Hypermobility of the joints in young people: from a benign phenomenon to a clinically significant syndrome
N.N. Gladkikh, A.V. Yagoda, M.B. Dzhazaeva
Some indexes of matrix metal proteinases system in case of connective tissue dysplasia
G.A. Saneeva
Valvular syndrome in the dysplastic phenotype of patients with joint hypermobility
Е.В. Timofeev, S.V. Reeva, M.Yu. Lobanov, E.V. Zemtsovsky
Marfanoid habitus as a predictor of cardiac arrhythmias in persons of different age groups
M.Yu. Rozhkova, G.I. Nechaeva, E.A. Lyalyukova, O.M. Kulikova
The role of connective tissue dysplasia manifestations in the development of variants of gastric acidity disorders
N.Yu. Kononova, Т.Е. Chernyshova, L.T. Pimenov, E.V. Sterkhova, M.Yu. Smetanin
Study of correlation between number of phenes of non-differential connective tissue dysplasy and magnesium level in oral liquid

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