№4 / 2019

Activities of RNMOT
II Congress of Far East therapists: focus of attention is the internal diseases
56th Interregional RSMIM scientifically-practical Conference: layover in Vladikavkaz
Veselova Т.N., Ternovoy S.K.
Modern opportunities of computer tomography in coronary heart disease diagnosis
Mershina E.A.
Cradiac magnetic resonance in differential diagnosis of cardiomyopathies
Saidova M.A., Shitov V.N., Atabaeva L.S.
Clinical use of stress echocardiography
Khripunova A.A., Khripunova I.G., Boeva O.I.
Rosuvastatin as a basis for primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases and their complications
Golubkina E.V., Levitan B.N., Umerova A.R., Kamneva N.V.
The effectiveness of standard triple anti-helicobacter first line therapy – the experience of the last decade
Pilipovich A.A., Danilov Al.B
Therapy of various origin pain: new opportunities of diclofenac
Shostak N.A., Klimenko A.A., Shemenkova V.S., Svet A.V.
Modern algorithm for the diagnosis of chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension
Buryachkovskaya L.I., Lomakin N.V., Sumarokov A.B., Shirokov E.A.
Efficacy and safety of antithrombotic therapy [venous thrombosis and pulmonary artery thrombembolia]: scales and algorithms
Palkin M.N.
Discussion issues of atrial tachycardia in eldery patients according to results of Holter recording
Svanadze A.M., Krylova N.S., Poteshkina N.G., Khadzegova A.B.
A clinical case of chronic cardiac insufficiency on the background of transthyretin amyloid cardiomyopathy
Glibko K.V., Gallyamova A.R.
Viral myocarditis in a 30-year-old patient: clinical observation
Grigorieva A.Yu., Amineva N.V., Asoskova A.V.
Difficulties in diagnostics and treatment of recurrent pulmonary embolism in comorbid pathology: a case from practice
Zhdankin A.V., Nikishkina D.R., Solodun M.V.
Clinical case of tumor in a rare localization
Kalinina S.Ya, Shinina A.V., Zyablova D.D., Pakhomov I.A.
Negleсt-syndrome in patient having suffered an ischemic stroke with hemorrhagic transformation after surgeon of eversion carotid endarterectomy on the right
Khadzegova A.B., Sinitsyna I.A., Borschevskaya M.V.
Influence of left ventricle remodeling on the rates of functional state in patients with arterial hypertension
Krylova N.S., Maslova M.Yu., Kovalevskaya Е.А., Poteshkina N.G., Selivanova G.B.
Clinical portrait of patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy from age-related aspects
Andriyanov M.T., Ilyicheva O.E.
The impact of risk factors of cardiovascular diseases development and progression on occurrence of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation in employable females
Khasanov A.Kh., Bakirov B.A., Davletshin R.A., Karamova I.M., Kudlay D.A.
Laboratory screening of dyslipidemia, apoptosis, oxidative stress in patients multifocal atherosclerosis middle age category with the phenomenon of «premature aging»
Murkamilov I.T., Aitbaev K.A., Fomin V.V., Murkamilova Zh.A.
Cystatin C as a marker of chronic kidney desease

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