№2 / 2019

Khlynova O.V., Karpunina N.S., Agafonov A.V., Tuev A.V.
Alcohol-associated kidney disorders
Polyakova I.V., Borovkova N.Yu., Maslova T.I., Maksimova I.Yu., Zubova S.Yu., Solov’yanova E.N.
View of the vascular stiffness and cardiovascular risk in patients with chronic glomerulonephritis
Bakirov B.A., Zaripova G.R., Akbuldina K.R., Bogdanova Yu.A., Kudlai D.A.
Russian and foreign experience of evaluating adherence to long-term therapy in patients with rheumatic arthritis: review of literature
Ovcharenko A.M., Sidorov A.V.
Modern trends in melatonin investigations as a medicine for treatment and prevention certain diseases
Romashevskaya E.I., Kokorin V.A.
Grigory Antonovich Zakharyin: to the 190th birth anniversary
Outcomes of the First All-Russian clinical medicine congress with international participation named after S.S. Zimnitsky
Clinical recommendations for correction of carbohydrate metabolism and sugar reducing therapy in patients with type 2 diabetes and chronic renal disease
Voloshinova E.V., Caroli N.A., Nikitina N.M., Makhina V.I., Rebrov A.P.
Peculiarities of clinical course and damage of organs in case of ANCA-associated vasculitis
Makhina V.I., Voloshinova E.V., Golubinov F.D.
Kidney involvement in hemoblastosis
Sigitova O.N., Kim T.Yu.
Immunoglobulin A nephropathy: clinical case with source in resistant remission
Ievlev Y.N., Kazakova I.A.
Sexual function as a quality of life parameter of patients with chronic kidney disease (stage 5) and arterial hypertension
Vyalkina N.A., Klyashev S.M., Vyalkina Y.A., Mezhonov E.M., Klyasheva Y.M.
Peculiarities of the daily profile of arterial pressure and its impact on the outcomes of patients with chronic kidneys disease, receiving program hemodialysis
Mikhaylova Z.D., Shalenkova M.A., Klimkin P.F.
NGAL as a biomarker of contrast-induced nephropathy in patients with acute coronary syndrome: controversial and unresolved issues of diagnosis and prevention
Kazakova I.A., Ievlev Y.N.
Electrophoretic mobility of erythrocytes in patients with chronic renal disease of 5th dialysis stage with different level of arterial pressure
Rogozina L.A., Lymareva L.V., Osadchuk A.M., Zolotovskaya A.I., Davydkin I.L.
Violation of endothelial function in patients with renal transplant
Kokorin V.A., Markova O.A., Gordeyev I.G., Boyeva O.I., Fisher V.V., Milto A.S., Mayskov V.V., Pyataev N.A., Minayeva O.V., Stolyarov G.S., Sovershayeva A.L., Papko A.A., Semitko S.P., Shogenov Z.C., Khaisheva L.A., Khorolets E.V., Tankhilevich B.M., Morozova O.V., Pokutnev A.P., Kalugina O.A., Lapin O.M., Popov N.N., Gapchenko E.V., Khamitov P.A., Abbasova S.G., Kazarov A.A., Lykov M.V., Pantyushenko M.S.
Recombinant tissue plazminogen activator Revelisa® in patients with myocardial infarction
Redko Yu.P., Gladkikh N.N., Yagoda A.V., Chumakov P.I.
Arterial hypertension in case of the presence of addictive renal arteries: the role of renin and aldosterone
Scherbak M.M., Shkolnik E.L., Vasyuk Yu.A., Yushchyuk E.N., Trush E.Yu., Burneikaite G., Celutkiene E., Zuoziene G., Petrauskiene B., Laucevicius A.
Global left ventricular myocardial deformation study of extracorporeal cardiac shock wave therapy in stable angina
Smetanin M.Yu., Pimenov L.T., Chernyshova T.E., Kononova N.Yu.
The functional status of the thyroid gland in women with connective tissue dysplasia
Ezhov I.Yu., Boyarshinov A.A, Glushkov A.E., Abramenkov A.N.
Combined use of chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid for the treatment of arthrosis
Latysheva E.A., Manto I.A.
ESPA-BASTIN®: a secret of successful and safe therapy of allergic diseases
Tsenteradze S.L.
The possibilities of use of medicinal herbs preparations in the treatment of chronicle insomnia

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