№3 / 2019

Activities of RNMOT
Kokorin V.A., Derevyanchenko M.V., Georginova O.A.
Forum «Multidisciplinary patient» and All-Russian young therapists Conference: third time at a high-level
Osipova I.V.
Interregional RSMSIM Conference: it`s set in Altay
Polunina Т.E.
Therapeutic approaches to the treatment of hepar cholestatic diseases
Fomin V.S., Fomina M.N.
Aspects of prevention and conservative management of patients with chronic vein diseases of the lower extremities
Pilipovich A.A., Danilov Al.B.
Vascular cognitive deteriorations: expansion of therapeutic possibilities
Recommendations on management of primary care patients with symptoms of dyspepsia
Vishnyak D.A., Kobylyanskaya N.V., Kobylyanskaya A.V.
«Three fellows» in clinical practice: primary sclerosing cholangitis, ulcerative colitis, membranous nephropathy
Gromova M.A., Tsurko V.V., Kashkadaeva A.V., Averinova S.G.
Assessment of urinary system functional reserves in the patient with gout against a background of a chronic glomerulonephritis according to complex renal scintigraphy
Georginova O.A., Gorbunov R.M., Kadrev A.V., Plisyuk A.G.
Verification difficulties of diagnosis in a patient with uratosis and pyrophosphate arthropathy
Fayrushina I.F., Lapshina S.A., Abdulganieva D.I.
From psoriatic arthritis to ankylosing spondylitis: pathway to the diagnosis
Epishina Ya.S., Khazov D.A., Solodun M.V.
Clinical case of the bronchial obstruction syndrome: COPD or asthma?
Nechaeva G.I., Rozhkova M.Yu, Tereshchenko Yu.V., Sbitneva L.V., Silvanovich S.V., Stepanov A.A.
Clinical variants of dyspepsia syndrome in patients with connective tissue dysplasia
Kozlova I.V., Tikhonova T.A., Krylova Yu.S.
Refractory irritable bowel syndrome in adults: psychological characteristics, morphometric aspects of the diffuse endocrine system
Tadtaeva D.J., Ranyuk L.G., Alikova S.K., Burduli N.M.
Cytogenetic changes and lipid peroxidation in patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease in combination with metabolic syndrome
Koroy P.V., Slyadnev S.A., Kravchenko Yu.A., Yagoda A.V.
Influence of metabolic syndrome on course of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Yagoda A.V., Geyvandova T.V., Rogova S.Sh., Geyvandova N.I.
The clinical significance of blood leptin in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease associated with obesity
Levitan B.N., Kasyanova T.R., Petelina I.Yu.
The relationship of endothelin-1 with leading indicators of portal blood flow and central hemodynamics in liver cirrhosis
Osadchuk M.A., Kireeva N.V., Vasilieva I.N., Mironova E.D.
The influence of the severity of metabolic disorders on the diameter of the stones in the gallbladder: clinical and instrumental and laboratory data
Alikova S.K., Ranyuk L.G., Burduli N.M., Tadtaeva D.J.
Hemodynamic types of microcirculation and laser therapy in chronic pancreatitis in combination with metabolic syndrome
Pavlenko V.V., Alferov V.V., Pavlenko A.F.
The role of insulin-like growth factor IGF-I in inflammation mechanisms in ulcerative colitis
Tkachev A.V., Mkrtchyan L.S., Mazovka K.E.
Ulcerative colitis: validity of disease activity indexes and prediction of therapy effect
Bayandurova K.M., Batyushin M.M., Sarvilina I.V., Antipova N.V., Sinelnik E.A.
Estimation of the correlation of the level of blood heparan sulphate and clinical and morphological manifestations of chronic glomerulonephritis
Prometnaya G.A., Batyushin M.M., Bondarenko N.B.
Association of hyperuricemia with metabolism in patients with chronic kidney disease of 5th stage on hemodialysis
Tretyakova Y.I., Bulatova I.A., Shchekotova A.P., Krivtsov A.V.
Effect of oxidative stress and polymorphism of catalase CAT-262G/A gene on severity of ulcerative colitis
Veselov A.V., Sapozhnikov S.P., Aryasova I.K., Bulavkina M.S., Muratov I.I., Poltorykhina E.A., Romanov R.I., Serbina A.A.
Organizational and clinical aspects of diagnostics and treatment of irritable bowel syndrome
Bussard L., Violette M., Kotrekhova L.P.
Comparative research of antifungal nail lacquer Loceryl with its generics offered in the Russian pharmaceutical market

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